Monday, September 24, 2007

Ripley confronts teh dreaded VACUUM-MONSTER

Iz dun wit scawy, eeevil vaccooom masheeen?

(grumble, grumble) I hates vaccoom.

Iz kitteh abuse U no.

But U giv me scritches, so I'z selbrat'n by makin muffins.

Rly big muffins. Purrrrr!!


Caminante said...

Those muffin pawz are the bestest. Ripley, you are very brave -- my Young Guy hides for four hours after I use the noise monster and even when he reappears, he is suspicious of any sharp noise.

Plum Pudding said...

vous ĂȘtes belles les filles!

Anonymous said...

She looks teh serious about that kitteh abuse charge.

I'd be worrying about knocks on the door ifn I wuz you.....


Silkey Cat Ross said...

Darling Ripley Kiitteh,

Those vaccoom monsters are Very Dangerous to kittehs, particularly sweet tasty kittehs like you.

Unless watched carefully, a vaccoom monster will try to suck you all up! Starting with your lovely PlushyTail™!!

You'll be safe if you get up high, like on your kittenslave's bed or on the back of your sofa or atop a counter. That monster sticks to the floor.

And play the "poor scared kitten" bit for all its worth! " Worth" is usually lots of scritches and huggles. Making kittenslaves feel guilty is always worth something nice.

Silkey, wise beyond his years

War On War Off said...

I don't vacuum as often as I should (ick, kitty litter, ick!) because it's so damned frightening for Karmina and Maxxine. Wouldn't it be nice if somebody invented a noiseless vacuum?

four legs good said...

Yes it would be. It's the same here- it really terrifies Ripley- she hides under the bed.

Then afterwords I call her and about 10 seconds later she'll pop out, grumbling and chirping and purring, happy that it's all over.

So funny.

Sandy-LA 90034 said...

Ripley has the most expressive face!

"grumbling and chirping and purring," -- I'd love to see a video of her chirping (can't quite imagine what that sounds like but it sounds adorable!).

As usual, Silkey Cat Ross, your comments crack me up. Makes my day!

zoe said...

teh teh beeyouteefulll

smile every day because of you girls (an uncle maxxxx, of course)