Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Iz wednesdai time 4 kittehs

R thos noisy hippies gone nao?

I wuz skeered but nao I can go sleepies.

I wuzn't skeered... I am brave kitteh

I gotz many scritches.


zoe said...

Hippies are very scary. Very very scary. I don't blame you for hiding, Maddie.

Silkey Ross said...

Ripley ( no longer Sweetfoots) U almost broke my heart, turning ME down to consort with those DFHippies.

Now U boast abt it! As if their scritches were better than my tonguebaths! Faithless Jezebel!

/Crawls under bed to sulk./

Silkey, former lover

Ramona Quimby said...

Little sleepy Maddie is an angel.
Bad hippies! Skeerin that pretteh kitteh!

Caminante said...

For the plushy fans....

Here are some photos of my nephew and wife's plushy kitteh, Tucker (and his companion, Madison, a Russian blue).

He's not full-grown yet but he definitely is showing good signs of plushiness. I love the first photo of him in the air chasing his feathers.


Anonymous said...

Russian Blues are the plushiest of the short-haired kittehs. Very dense fur.
I'm glad that Maddie has reclaimed her space from the DFHs. Maybe if there was just one at a time who sat quietly on the floor meditating...scritches could happen.