Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More Res World tour

Harry Doghiney and his lovely wife gave a very nice pool party for the visiting hippies.

This is Angel. Sadly, I failed to get a picture of his sister Buffy.

Angel likes to run around the pool and bite at water drops. He does not care for swimming.
This is their lovely pool that Angel doesn't like to swim in.

Angel is tired from running and barking... but he is still teh HANDSOME!!!

A lovely rose, with an unidentified guest.


Anonymous said...

That doggie has a lot of shar-pei in him!


/Arthur J. GWPDA

four legs good said...

Yes he does!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Puppeh! I saw in an old Hammer Horror classic that vampires cannot cross running water. Maybe that applies to swimming pools too.

-mnkid (buffy fan)

Anonymous said...

The Doghineys even had Buffy and Angel handtowels in the guest bathroom!