Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oh Noes!! Bats

I took the hippies to see the bats.

They squeaked a lot and flew away to nom on some bugs and stuff.


Update: I should add that the bats were squeaking, not the hippies.


Poopyman said...

Rats! You beat me to the punch(line).

So, Centaur, are you hosting Netroots Nation come July?

four legs good said...


fat chance.

Ramona Quimby said...

Batz are cool. We haz dem in our neighborhood, and will build a bathouse soon. We livz on a lake, so we need dem to nom on teh bugz.

four legs good said...

Bats liek to nom on skeeters and stuff.

Anonymous said...

U might also mention batz like to pee on teh hippies.


VictoriaB said...

Given that bats are dying in large numbers for no known reason in some parts of the country, it's heartening to see such a large number of them. May their tribe increase.

Peace, V.

virgotex said...

teh hippiez squeaked a little when the batz peeded on dem