Thursday, June 12, 2008

Late night kitteh Palooza!!

Oh, hai. We B hanging.



Dere's a strange kitteh out dere!!!

U admire mah eyelashes plze kai thx bai


Plum Pudding said...

Les plus belles petites du MONDE!

Silver Ross said...

Maddie, adorable One, that French Plushy lover has a good eye.

You are indeed most beautiful, and ur eyelashes are to die for. Do you use that eyelash stuff like the pretty human ladies? That would be gilding the lily, I think.

Did you scare away the strange kitteh by fluffing up your magnificent ruff? I'd be scared if you did that!

Silver, lover of Plushy beauty

zoe said...

Maddie, it seems as though Silver is a little tame today. What gives? Anyway, You are both so fetching, so beeyouteeful, thank you for the Friday eye candy.

TheOtherWA said...

4lg, are you teaching the girlz French? Or are they watching Eddie Izzard dvds while you're at work? :)

four legs good said...

I tries to them them french when ever I cans.

SILVER Ross said...

ZOE said...seems as though Silver is a little tame today.

Zoe, Ma'am, I, SILVER CAT ROSS, am a connoisseur of Beauty [aka Maddie], a sophisticated gentlemanly kitteh fella. I am always cool, never tame.

You mistake me for my little brother, Silkey. He is hot-headed, passionate and easily hurt. He's still under the bed, sulking, because he thinks Ms. Ripley doesn't appreciate him.

SILVER Ross, discriminating fan

zoe said...

Silver, I do believe you have been known to be a bit raunchy where Maddie is concerned. I will have to review old posts, but I believe it to be true. And tell your brother, come out from under the bed....the girls are allowed to have other admirers!!!!!

Caminante said...

Et qu'est-ce qui s'est passé avec le chat inconnu au dehors? Y-a-t-il eu une bagarre à la fenêtre?

[And what happened with the unknown cat outside? Was there a fight at the window?]