Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Res Ipsa Loquitor World Tour

So Res, Watertiger and other assorted hippies descended on Austin this weekend. We ate lots of delicious food and also visited a few Austin places.

The Texas Capitol.

The dome inside. The grandeur of the setting hasn't interfered with our local rethug's ability to behave like yokels and boobs.


Polly said...

The DFHs descend on Austin. In the dead of night the Republican-contaminated Governor's Mansion is set afire.

Coincidence? Will the Gurlz tell?

four legs good said...

I blame Flory.

Anonymous said...

Is that Mr. Doghiney running incorrectly? And do I understand correctly that they were also graced with an introduction to the 2 young ladies in your household?

How do get on the tour next year?


four legs good said...

No, not Harry Doghiney.

Took teh photo down.

Wuz too much of a close up.

Anonymous said...

Sorry - didn't mean to make teh trouble.