Sunday, January 28, 2007

Baby Maine Coons

Just for fun, I thought I'd post a pic of my previous maine coon kitten, Zachary, next to the new baby so you could see what a little boy kitten looks like.

Zachary is the little guy below. He was a classic tabby like lion kitty Maxx, without the white paws. Zachary passed away in 2002 from lymphosarcoma. I still miss him to this day.


GWPDA said...

But Maxx's eyes had the most alluring, France Nguyen tilt to them....

These kitties are very pretty tho. Especially Fichu.

four legs good said...

They did.

Maxx's eyes had soul.

Zachary grew into his, I'm sure she will too. They're rather mindless at this age.

Adorably so.

ThePoliticalCat said...

Brainless is a better description! Their fluffy little heads have exactlhy one working neuron. Zachary is a stunning little cutester! Lucky you, having two - and soon, three - such beauties in your life! We must have a pate party for the new arrival.

Karin said...

Just wanted to make sure you saw this photo of the plushy one in the sky The Tale(Tail?) of a Comet

charley said...

a little story. i'll try to be brief.

last year i worked on two photo shoots with cats. little friskies i think. the first shoot had all these breeds. bengal , abyssinian, ragdoll... and 5 of the most cute little maine coons. their scenario was boxing. and we shot it at a boxing club in miami. even tho most of the cats had been in movies, and on photoshoots before, one had even worked with Cindy Crawford! those cats did not know fuckall about it. what a pain in the ass. but the maine coons turned out the best.

the next shoot we hired real trained cats, one was a descendant of morris, yes, his name was borris. boring, typical orange tabbys. but they performed on command. it's probably wrong, but hey, they were making 800 a day.

Zachary looks like he was a very interesting dude. i hope you've better luck with this new one.

four legs good said...

He was interesting, smart and funny. And a mighty, mighty hunter.

The cats were making $800 a day?

Holy shit!!

charley said...

well i don't think the cats got the money.

no, they got tuna on the end of stick, if they performed.

and even tho there was a whole bag of little friskies they were supposed to be breaking into, they weren't allowed to have any.

Polly said...

What color are the little darlin's eyes? They look greenish in one pic, bluish in the second.

And what is a "patio cat"? Does New England have patios? With or without cats.

El Gato Negro is certainly a patio cat, but then he is Spanish.

four legs good said...

polly, if you go to a pet store in the NE, or even look in the want ads, litters of mixed breed kittens are commonly called "patio" kittens.

I have no idea why.

Zachary was actually a mixed breed "patio" kitten that I got from a pet store in a NJ Mall.

It was clear once he started growing that he was of maine coon blood. He had all the traits.

four legs good said...

Oh, and I don't know what color her eyes are, probably green I'd imagine.

A Tabla Rasa said...

With those ears, how about Radar?

Anonymous said...

Your life has been blessed with three beautiful feline companions. Zachary, the one and only Maxx, and your new little sweetie. These things happen for a reason and I'll bet Maxx had a hand in bringing this latest addition to you. He seemed like an awfully wise kitty. And she sure looks like a charmer. Can't wait to hear what her name turns out to be.


flory said...

Tiny little babies with growed up ears.

So cute.

Bet Zachary and Maxx are swapping stories up there in the Summerlands. And Maxx is giving Zachary rides on his comet.

four legs good said...

I hope so Flory. Zachary comes to visit me all the time.

He hops up on the bed, walks up the covers and lays down with me. I can usually feel him purrr. Sometimes I can hear it.

Terry C said...

Zachary and Maxx are right now showing Barbaro around.

Then they go talk to St. Francis.

Terry C said...

"litters of mixed breed kittens are commonly called "patio" kittens."

Born under the patio, perhaps?

I've always called them "Alley rabbits" - and I've never meant that in a disparaging way.