Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New Zealand!!

Oh, the places he's seeing! This lovely photo was shot by Minoru Yoneto over Queenstown, New Zealand. Photo from Spaceweather.com.

hat tip to Roadmaster.


Anonymous said...

Gosh!!! Look at ALL the stars!!!! I am feeling rather miniscule...but grinning ear to ear w/wonderment at the beauty of it all! Maxx, you were lucky in life (to have FLG take such wonderful care of you and love you so much) and now, on another plane - to be cavorting around the cosmos.
Blessings in perpetuity to you Plushest of the Plush! The new little bit will be a whole new book and I am so looking forward to seeing and hearing about her!
Sail on Super Maxx!!!

Poopyman said...

Ha! I was just rushing over here to point you to that very pic!

For those not inclined to go to spaceweather.com, here's a brief description of the photo:
"Comet Maxx is now a circumpolar object over New Zealand--"we can see the comet all night long," says Minoru Yoneto of Queenstown, NZ, who took advantage of the extra observing time to make a spectacular 5-minute exposure of the comet, the Milky Way and the Magellanic Clouds."

Poopyman said...

Not very visible on this view is the meteor sailing along with the comet just to his left. Better seen from spaceweather.com.

Sure wish I had skies like that!

Polly said...

Four Legs,
I saw you over at Eli's place, threatening him you'd withhold the new Plush unless he bent to your will.

Shame on you! You don't even have the new little darlin' yet, and you're using her to threaten us Plush lovers. Or at least Eli. Harrumph!

I agree with Sally … Molly would be a fine name. She just looks like a cuddly Moll.

Sorry about Molly Ivins. She has been a wonderful writer, and a blessedly funny lady. Why do villains like Howard Hunt and Henry Kissinger live so long, and the good die youngish?

ThePoliticalCat said...

Molly Ivins might just say "Not dead yet!" I trust in her Texas toughness and hope for the best. On the other hand, you're right Polly - look at old Darth Cheney, creeping along with a bad ticker, blood pressure through the roof and arteries of steel.

Darlin' Maxx is certainly getting to see the whole world. Wish I lived in New Zealand right now.

Buckeye, Dealer of Rare Coins said...

Looking at that picture makes me sad that I won't be going to New Zealand anytime soon. I really want to see the stars (along with the orcs, elves and hobbits).

Anonymous said...

the journey never ends. peace.


Poopyman said...

What FLG failed to mention about this picture is that the part of the Milky Way next to Maxx is(naturally) Centaurus. Maxx is chasing the birds Tucana (Toucan)and Grus (Crane)

four legs good said...

Thanks poopyman!

You are correct- I didn't even think of that. I loves me some spaceweather.com.