Thursday, February 01, 2007


From the Daily His name is Ichigo, he's a baby poodle.

Hat tip to GWPDA.


Polly said...

Four Legs,
This just won't do. This is not happy furry puppy time.

Arthur GWPDA, Kayla and Mex are real dogs: big, long legged, smart and practical. They could scare off a burglar, or catch a rabbit (burglar for sure, rabbit maybe).

But if you want a critter small and furry, get a Cat!
Smart, loyal, fierce, good mousers, never yappy.

GWPDA said...

Ichigo's gonna grow up! He's only about three weeks old, give him a break!

Anonymous said...

Now, I don't mind standard poodles, they are so very smart and sensitive. And when my friend's husband was dying of cancer, their std poodle didn't leave his side until he was finally gone, which was a couple of days. When the minister told that story at the memorial, I further lost it. Personally, dog-wise, I am a hardcore Bassett Hound gal. But until I have a yard, the felines will have the place to themselves in the four-legged category. My boyfriend wants a Mastiff!!! Which is cool by me...but, NOT in an apartment. ;)
Celestial skritches to LKM!!!

four legs good said...

Hey, a cute puppy is a cute puppy.