Saturday, February 17, 2007

Late night baby pics

Halloooooo!! Life is so surprising when you are a kitten.

She carries her feather on a stick all over the house. Teh funny.

Pouncing. She's good at pouncing.

I, alas, need a minion to assist me while I'm taking action photos of Maddie.

Saturday Maddie Palooza

Damn, another 'air Maddie' photo where she's jumping out of frame.

She loves anything with feathers. Birds of the world, beware.

Marty mouse!! in neon!!

Crumpled paper makes a nice toy too. A little out of focus, but what the heck.

Time for nap.

Daily Baby pic

I know you guys just come here for the plushy pics.


AP/Yahya Ahmed

So I'm watching the senate debate this retarded non-binding resolution. Two things are clear- the republicans are desparate to keep congress from embarrassing the president and the democrats don't have the balls to do what we need them to do. Which is take Bush on directly.

It all amounts to a lot of fiddling while someone else's country burns. Just today back to back suicide blasts killed 9 in a Baghdad market. It's appalling. While we argue about process, they bleed and die.


Banality goes bigtime

I suppose a when a paper regularly prints the nonsense that spews forth from the mind (I use the term loosely) of Bobo, I really should not be surprised at their choices for guest columnist... but really, Ann Althouse? Was Bozo the clown unavailable? An Awkward Plea (subscription required):
We need judges who are the kind of solid, common-sense lawyers who factor money into their decisions. These are the same people who take the kind of conventional law-firm jobs that pay a good salary and require the greatest sacrifice to leave.

Wrong on so many levels that I won't even attempt to dissect it. I'll leave that to Thersites, who has a far greater tolerance for her banality than I do.

Feh. Who in god's name makes these decisions at the NYTImes? For fuck's sake.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Comet Maxx!!

Photo by Stephane Guisard, taken with a Canon 20D, over Santiago de Chile in the Andes at 13,000 ft.

Hat tip to 1watt Hermitt.

Separated at birth?

Okay, so her ears aren' quite as big as his....

Congratulations to Miriam!!

Congratulations to Miriam of No Capital who became a real-live assistant perfessor today!!

Woo hoo!! (She and hubby Rorschact have some nice looking kitties too)

Friday baby plushy blogging

Maddie has been with me a whole week today. My how time flies. She's really adjusted well- her normal sleeping spot is on my pillow.

I just wish she could stay this little for longer.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Action Maddie!!

Okay, neither of these are particularly great photos (technical-wise), because I'm too tired to get out the flash. But you can see she's starting to get wound up this evening. Just in time for me to crash.

Late night baby kitty

Don't bother me, I'm napping.

Oh, the tiny baby toesies. Eeeeeeeeep!!

I think I'm totally screwed. She's been napping on and off all evening, but not she's awake and ready to party. And I'm exhausted.

Daily baby plush

Sorry, you'll have to be satisfied with one photo for now, it's been a really busy day, and blogger has already eaten one post.

More kitten goodness later.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Last pic of the day

Life is so astonishing.

Late afternoon kitten

What are you guys gonna do when she grows up and turns into a cat?


Very busy day for me. I hope everyone's day is full of truffles, love and kittens.

Happy Valentines Day!!

Haalloooooo!! I am a valentine kitty and I am 11 weeks old today. So it's my birthday.

I tried to get a photo with her new Valentine teddy bear, but she refused to sit still. Little scamp.

She loves playing with anything with feathers.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Plum is a very greedy girl

Playing with the feather on a stick. She likes anything with feathers.

She's very fluffy here.

Behold my scary, puffy tail!! She's going to have bullseyes, just like her uncle Maxx. Her markings are going to be very dramatic.

Sigh. This is what usually happens when I try to get an action shot of her. She's so fast she jumps right out of the frame. Notice how the back feet are airborn.

Okay, that should hold you guys for a few hours. Maddie is going to be the most photographed kitten in history.

Comet Maxx!!

Comet Maxx over Auckland. Gorgeous. Boy do I miss Mr. Plushy, but I'm glad he's getting to go to so many beautiful places.

Hat tip to Buckeye.

Oh, and click on the photo so you can see it properly.

Your daily kitten fix

She loves her fluffy snoozzy blanky.

Kill the feather, kill the feather!!

Paused in the middle of a zooming session.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Midafternoon Maddie


What kind of spider is this? is it delicious?

Stop working and take a nap with me.

The evil alien carrot!

Not a great photo, but you can see that she's already hard at work defending us all from the evil alien carrot hordes.

Playing with all these toys is exhausting.

Lion kitty Maxx

Yes, we have a new baby, but that doesn't mean we're not thinking of (and missing) the best boy evah.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

More Maddie

At the risk of completely spoiling you guys.

She has a nice spotted tummy. Does this qualify as kitten pRon?

She'd like to know if I've got something else for her to eat up there.

Lamb and chicken pate is delicious!!

The unbearable cuteness of kittenz

There's not much to add to these pictures. She's with her Valentine teddy bear on my desk in the bottom photo.

As watertiger would say, "EEEEEEEEEEEEP!!"

Sunday kitten

Maddie prepares to kill the feather monster on a stick. She likes to carry it around in her mouth.

Physics are fun!!

"What are you doing with that laptop and why can't I walk on the keyboard?"

She woke up around 10:00 am, had some breakfast and then proceeded to run around like a little crazy kitty. Even with a flash and a quick shutter she's tough to photograph. She zooms off out of the frame before I can get a shot off. She's so sweet, when she bats at me with her paws, she doesn't even put her claws out. She runs around chirping and trilling to herself. She's almost unbearably cute.