Saturday, September 22, 2007

Night kittehs

Republicans STINK!!

McCain said wut? he iz prik

Oh, hai. I iz battlin feather monster! Come bak ltR

Saturday kittenzzzz

Dis Ripley iz starting to annoy me.


Friday, September 21, 2007

Lion kitty Maxx memorial blogging

Oh, the bell!!

Heh, this photo was taken when his coat was still growing in. He felt like cut velvet. And he loved him his carrot.

Kitten update

Lion kitty Maxx's little namesake is getting bigger! such a cutie.

EEeeeepiness Deluxe

Okay, tell me *this* isn't the cutest thing you've seen in a while.

(high resolution picture, click for the eeepy details)

Atrios LOL caption contest

About time that wanker Atrios shared his kittehs with us.

It's caturday

I'ze tryings to be sleepy heres.

Halloooooo!! we can has 4 lgs stays home wif us??

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday kittehs

U doan like dis couch no moar do U??

I iz rdy 4 mah closeup.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Late day kittehs

This is deceptive, RIpley isn't nearly as big as Maddie.


I'z tired of climbing the rigging. I can stops nao?


Reuters/Paul Hanna

Okay, I loves me some pandas as much as the next centaur, but this just isn't right.

Brings to mind the Terry Bisson story, "Bears Discover Fire"


Reuters/Ceerwan Aziz

Some rare good wildlife news: Tigers rediscovered in Indian rainforest.

Because U can NVR haf too many tigers.

Pirate Day!


Ahoy and avast, matey!

Where's me grog to goes with dese toesies?


Maddie is getting a little carried away.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hidey and Magoo!

Silly gurlz.


Hat tip to Plum.

Tuezdaze kittehs


"I seez a feather" The whiskers are like iron filings near a magnet. LOL.

When plushybabies attack!


Monday, September 17, 2007


I'ze gonna LEAP on U

Eeeeeeeeek!! Not MANOS: HANDS OF FATE!!! oh noes!!

Ummm, dis bell iz crunchy

I iz sphinx cat. k thx bai

Baby pics WANT MOAR!!

Look how teeny she wuz- I can hardly stand it.

She still makes the same expressions today. Hee.

Ripley was kind of teeny too. I only wish I'd have gotten her even younger, just for the eeeeepy pics.

Special Monday kittehs for Silkey and Silver

The most debonair boy kittehs evah. (ahem, the debonair ones are Silkey and Silver, who are Maddie and Ripley's faithful fan club)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Special kittehs for watertiger

U come close soze I can keees U and giv U big huggles..

Den I geev U many keeeses and nice bathies

'n I purrr 4 U, kai?

Northwest Passage

The arctic is melting, so much so that the famed "Northwest Passage" that so many explorers searched for in vain might finally become a reality.

Though I imagine that if the artic continues to melt down, we'll be too busy evacuating our coastal cities to take much advantage of it.

The glorious photograph above was taken off an island near Greenland by AP photographer John McConnico, who is a 1999 Pulitzer Prize winner.


Ripley is getting rather plump.

Maddie does *not* want to try out for the soccer team.

"I showz dis bear whoze boss."