Friday, February 26, 2010

Never mind all that

Bow to my cutitude, MORTAL!!

No, Mr. Raccoon...

I am not...

...missing something. U don't live here. kaithxbai.

UR not going to let him come be snuggles wif U R U???

(this raccoon climbs up on the deck every night and has even come inside the house and snacked on the girls noms - bad raccoon!!)

Guest critters

Ummm, Punky has been hitting the crunchies a little hard.

We're freezing and brainless but we're still smarter than the GOP

Photos courtesy of JDW.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Be vewy quiet....

Doz birdies will nevah see us under dis fern!

MOM!! you gave us away!!

Rats!! U always do dat.

Why, Mom, WHY???

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Meet Elsie

Oh hai! I'm on UR window sill, eating some noms.

I can haz noms pleaze?

Elsie is a friendly little stray kitteh who visits my deck - I feed her, but the plushy girls aren't very friendly - I don't think they want her to live here.

Daily plush

Did U see dat triple axel? WAIT? where did da skating goes? STOOPID NBC!!!!

Oh hai! I warms up da sheets 4 U.

I lurves me some fresh clean sheetsies.

Ripley, Bring me ICE!!


I had an accident on Sunday evening - I'm now on crutches with a severe sprain. Never fear!! the plushy girls have been taking care of me.

Though I will say they are rather useless when it comes to fetching ice, soda or beer.