Saturday, April 14, 2007

Friday, April 13, 2007

Late night kitty

I must grab this crazy ring.

Your daily helping of "eeeeeeeeeeep!!"

Friday Kitten Bloggyosity

"Wha????? Steve Simels was making fun of mah tail???"

She loves her some milk rings.

More kittenz and memorial plush later. This centaur is feeling a little under the weather today.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Possible buddy

I went down on my lunch hour and put in an application (approved!) and got on the list to get this funny little guy. Sadly, someone else has first dibs on him (curses!!) so I may not get him.

I did get to talk to his foster mom and we agreed that the best thing would be if that other person drops out and lets him come be Maddie's little brother. Look at the little pink pads and the little pink nose. Eeeeep!! Such a funny little face. Such little white feeties! His foster mommy says he's sweet as can be and a complete little ball of fluff.

He's only 7 weeks old, so he's not ready to go home with anyone yet. I'll know more next week.

Not Photoshopped

That really is her tail.

Update: By the way, we won't be getting into any "plushy tail wars" with Ntodd, since Lola "Da Tail" has a magnificent plume of his own. The more plushy tails in the universe, the better.

Your Thursday kidden

Eeeeeep! The paws! The tummy!! cute overload. Help!

Feathers, rings... so many toys.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

For Ntodd

Maddie wants you to know that she has a very nice plushy tail too.

Hee, look how freaking long that tail is.

Update: Not a clip-on, and NOT PHOTOSHOPPED.

She gets Prezzies!!

"Thanks, her eyes!! You shouldn't have!!"

"Well, these things are pretty fun, so maybe you actually should have."

Hee. I can hear Watertiger "eeeeeeeep-ing" all the way in NYC.

Shut up Ratzi

I invite Pope Palpatine to reach out and grab a clue while he's stretching there.

Pope says Science too narrow to explain creation.
The Pope also says the Darwinist theory of evolution is not completely provable because mutations over hundreds of thousands of years cannot be reproduced in a laboratory.
Well, alrighty then. What part of the phrase "random mutation" does he not understand? Of course it's not replicable in a laboratory.

And where, pray tell, did Pope Palpatine do his training in evolutionary biology, hmmmm? Yeah, I thought so. I'm a bit tired of religious freaks spouting off about science. He should go back to bugging heretics and leave everyone else alone.


Things Maddie and I don't care about... Anna Nicole Smith's baby, Imus, "faith and values," St. McCain's goiter, what chimpy thinks about the war, and what bush's crazy base thinks about anything.

"Halloooooooo!! Let's play fetch!"

"Can we stop talking about Imus and ANS now? "

I dunno. She looks kind of annoyed to me.

Update: Let me add that yes, I'm glad that MSNBC dropped his show. And I wish people wouldn't say nasty, racist, mean things about women. Ever.

Hidey and Arrow

Arrow luvvvvvs her kitt-eee. Notice the paw draped over Hidey's arm. So sweet.

Happy Wednesday kitten

I am in ur house, getting ready to jump on ur head.

Oy, she really needs a friend to play with.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Not Nappy!!

"Mah head isn't nappy!"

But she is a fetching fool. (check out how long her ear tufts are, hilarious)

Seriously, on the Imus thing (yeah, we're all sick of it), the thing that bothers me the most isn't the racist part, though that is appalling, it's the mean and snarky tone of it.

Basically he said, "oh, look at those Tennessee players, they're a bunch of little hotties! But those Rutger girls, what a bunch of homely beasts." Fuck, if you wanted to make a young girl feel bad, could you think of a better way?

I've listened to sound clips all day of Imus whining about how he didn't mean it, and how sorry he is, but I'm sorry, there's something wrong with soemone who continually goes out of their way to say mean and derogatory things about women. I actually don't think he's a racist, but I do think he's an asshole. Just think of all the bile he's spewed in Hillary Clinton's direction (remember the "fat Satan" remark?). Blech. The knowing, joshing, judging tone of that conversation made me sick. "Boy, there sure are ugly, aren't they? They're so ugly the look like a crack ho from 10th Avenue!" "Yeah, you know it."

That kind of talk is wrong, hateful and unkind. I guess that's why Imus gets along so well with the beltway Bunch and the winger world. That's their M.O., isn't it?

Compromise this, Asshole

"Up yours, asshole!"

I don't think Maddie is amused by would-be emperor georgie's little temper tantrum over the war funding bill.

IMHO, Congress should make chimpy shuffle on his knees all the way to Capitol Hill to beg for his emergency appropriations.

Extra baby plush

She's starting to get enough of her adult coat in to qualify as "plushy."

Tuesday Maddie

"Four legs, why are republicans such wankers?"

"Kitty, it is the mystery of our times."

Monday, April 09, 2007

Hidey and friend

This has been another demonstration of the strange powers kitties have over doggies.


Kittens and teddy bears. Oughta be illegal.

the rest of the kitten

There she is, grooming her plushy tail, which is teh long.

Monday Maddie

"I must grab my feather thing and kill it."

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Evening Maddie


And how was your Easter? Did you get to eat lots of chocolate and peeps?

Good grief

From a link posted by Attaturk on Eschaton, we get this disturbing look into how one lands on the "no fly" lists:
"I presented my credentials from the Marine Corps to a very polite clerk for American Airlines. One of the two people to whom I talked asked a question and offered a frightening comment: "Have you been in any peace marches? We ban a lot of people from flying because of that." I explained that I had not so marched but had, in September, 2006, given a lecture at Princeton, televised and put on the Web, highly critical of George Bush for his many violations of the Constitution. "That'll do it," the man said. "
How long before they start banning people for writing critically about chimpy on the web?

How utterly depressing this crew is. It's going to take years to root them all out.


Ntodd is trying to reignite the "plush wars." Silly man. Madeleine not only has cute white feeties, she has the most tuftiest earsies evah.

Easter Sunday Kitten

Plum wanted to see her fluffy spotted tummy, so here it is.

Looks rather like a Mr. Plushy pose, eh?