Friday, July 20, 2007

I am in UR houz playing with UR soccer ball

Silly kitten.


Back when he still had his lion cut- killing his carrot.

This was taken the weekend Hurricane Katrina came in.

He loved him some feathers on a stick.

The physicist!

Life with Maxx was fun. I will always miss him.

Lions, oh my

I am on UR leg being rly relaxer U R comfy mom.


Bush's brain

Explains a lot, doesn't it?

Sorry, I couldn't resist. Actually, it's not Bush's brain, it's the brain of a 44 year old civil servant who has managed to live a normal life in spite of only having a thin sheet of brain material in his skull. Fascinating.

Friday Cat Blogging

Wot U mean U read Harry Potter all weekend? update: click on the photo to see her little pink tongue- teh funny

Maddie dreams of cheezburger flavored feathers on a stick.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


My secret plan to wealth and a life of ease is revealed.

"dood, U kidden me? David Beckham? who he? game on!!"

Ripley displays her superior footwork.

"I take penalty shot now, U git redy"

"I dun now. I can has cheezburger??"


On days like these I just want to run away. To someplace that looks like this. (India, by the way.)

AP/Mukhtar Khan


I know I've been sqwacking for a while about how big Maddie is getting, but the past couple of days she had really blossomed into a spectacularly beautiful adult maine coon. Check out teh ear tips! teh ruff! teh fluffiness!!

Of course she doesn't *act* like a grownup. But that's another story.


Ripley has been a little love monster lately. Especially in the morning. "Doan leeeve me!"

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


R U cheezburger? hold still, I chek.

Noes, U jes need baff, okai, I halp.

Stormy weather

We've had a few sunny days, but not many. This is the view of the University of Texas tower this afternoon when I went to campus.

About 15 minutes after I shot this, the sky opened up and many frogs drowned. It's been a bizarre summer, with below average temperatures (only 74 degrees right now, tho I ain't complaining) and endless rain.

The only thing I can figure out is that the flying spaghetti monster is trying to drive Bush crazy by making the brush on his ranchette go crazy.


U gimme scritches? I be full of nice chikken.

Gots Pitchfork?

A few new, depressing posts over at Got Pitchfork?

All of Iraq is one big horror show. And not in a good way.

Eye Spy

I'ze not sleeping, give tummy rubs plze.

Tickle plze

Plze to kiss mah toesies.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Beautiful Photo of the Day


photo: AFP/Maxim Marmur

Go see the movie!!

Make a fundy cry!!

I won't tell you what happens, but I *will* say that one of the best parts of the film is when the centaurs get rowdy.

Read Harry Potter!!

And make a wingnut cry.

I'm not sure why some idiots get so freaking upset when adults like Harry Potter. Get the fuck over it. The books are fun. There is no huge mystery here.

And yes, we do like to read other novels. Yglesias is a silly little punk and not representative of the rest of us.

It's ALIVE!!

HALP!! Dis tail try to et me!!

Porn alert

Alas, she started down teh road to plushy porn so young.

Now look at her. Oy! shocking.

I'm fine!!

Ha! alien carrot doan has chance wit dis kitteh.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Carrot Wars

Oh, noes! The alien psycho carrot appears to have Ripley down for the count.

WIll she live? tune in tomorrow for the exciting conclusion.....

Ripley sez, "doan be silly, I'ze rly jes restin cause the carrot is dead and mah tummy has gots steak."

An Announcement

Forthwith, this blog will no longer have posts about politics, the war, or icky stuff like little georgie bush.

I've been struggling for a while with the schizophrenic combination of kittens, astronomy, beautiful photography, war, and american politics.

I just can't do it anymore. So I've banished the unpleasant stuff to a new blog, Got Pitchfork?, where I can rant and rave at will. Feel free to go there, or not, as you please. The content at Got Pitchfork? won't be particularly pleasant because for normal people, war isn't a happy subject. And these days, politics in America isn't a pleasant subject either. But it's important to look at these things with an unflinching eye. So there it is.

In the meantime, I'd like Plush Life to be a small oasis of the beautiful and plush. And that is all for now.


Monday kiddenz

This looks violent but really isn't.

Maddie is day-dreaming of cheezburgers.

Hmmm, iz cheezburger hiding back here?

Mommy doan et me!

"Mieeeeee! I'ze too little to be cheezburger!!"

Poor little thing. This baby panther is being fostered by a rhodesian ridgeback after her mummy tried to make a snack out of her.

hat tip: GWPDA