Saturday, February 09, 2008


Cesear is still getting used this his new puppy. And I think the puppy is kind of confused.

Teh cute.

Update, these of course, live with Darryl Pearce.

Friday, February 08, 2008


Iz Jackson! who is rather dashing, I must say. Jackson owns Ramona Quimby. I loves me some black and white kittehs who haz teh mustachios.

U call THAT a kitteh video??

Feh. I guess Kevin Drum has thrown down the gauntlet, escalating teh Friday Kitteh Blog Wars.

Well, sir, I suppose U must go to blogwar with teh kittehs U haz, and not the fearsome, plush kittehs U just WISH U haz. We at Plush Life shall answer in due course.

Maddie, get READY TO FETCH!!

Equal time for Magical Ripleeee Chainsaw Massacre

Everyday I'm astonished by just how freaking fluffy she is. And it seemed to happen over night. As Gilderoy Lockhard might say, "It's like magic!"

Iz Caturday???

Yes Maddie, iz caturday!!

Thursday, February 07, 2008


I rly killed it dis time.

Iz as daid as Guiliani's preznit drive. Or Tagg's trust fund thingee.

SUPER kitteh!

Iz a bird, iz a plane.... IZ FLYING KITTEH!!

Sheesh. The gurl kittehs doan even wanna go in teh car.


Eeeeek! tornados!

Dr. Scott Liebermann/AP

Yes, I know, it's not actually a tornado photograph, but this lightning was part of the storm system that spawned the killer tornados on Tuesday.

Photographed over Tyler, Texas.

Admire me. Plz

Prima donna kitteh

Scritch mah ears cause I'z so cute and roly-poly, kai? thx

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Monkee kittehs

I lieks scratching upsides down lieks a monkee


Ripley be SO bosseee

I'z jes tries to halp

On the Job Training

Harry's having a little trouble with the whole "majority leader" thing, so I've decided to be halpful and give him a few tips. Details at Got Pitchfork?

This will be (sadly) a regular feature, due to the intensive, remedial training required.


You can now add the United States of America to the list of countries that practices torture.

Heck of a job, bushie. I can hardly wait for the door to hit you in the ass on the way out.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Extra kittehs

Can U change teh channel?

Can U come play with me?

Go Vote

Steve Dykes/AFP/Getty Images
Brian Synders/Reuters

If you're in a primary state, get out there and do your civic duty. Make the trolls cry.

And show the republicans we're coming for them in November.

Iz Monster Tuesday

Letz me noes when iz over, eh? I jes be cleaning mah pawsies till den.

...or werking on mah fizziks

Oooof. Why iz dere all dese stooopid pundits on mah teevee!

... an when iz dah birrdies gonna come to dat stooopid feeder? I'ze bored.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Tweety eatage

Tweety eatage over at Got Pitchfork?

Hey, a centaur can haz dreams 2.

Pirate Kitteh Zoey....

... lieks to keep her alien carrot close.

Carrot of Doom is daid

Oh noes! I really killed it dis time 4 shur.

(thinking sneaky thoughts) I noes! we hold fundrazor to git nu 1, kai?

Update: Notice teh rug is all crumpled up. Every day I comes home and find mah antique rug all in a mess and covered wit cat hair and alien carrot guts.


Three Trillion?

The gurlz appear to be appalled at chimpy's excellent new budget.

Stoopid chimpy

Que? how muches? Iz he on crack?

Yes, dear kitty, he probably iz.


The U.S. "accidentally" bombs Iraqis over the weekend. Details at Got Pitchfork?

It's surgilific!

Kitteh?.... or lemur? decide. That's one really long tail.

Maxxine has bounced back from her recent surgery. Yay!

Halloooooo! iz Monday.

Maddie grew up to be a simply gorgeous girl, didn't she?

Yawn. "Maddie Maddie Maddie!" iz all I ever hear.

I'z purty 2 ya know!

Oh dear, iz teh plushygirls bunch.