Friday, April 04, 2008

U come home nao? YAY!!

YAY! caturday 4 us 2!!! ZOMG!!

I iz already staring at teh door. Waiting. Hurreeee.

Happy caturday!!


HALP!! my ruff is tries to eatted mah haid!!

Feather on a stick- I killz U nao!!

Dese toesies, dey haz a flvr.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


Is she not the most delicious kitteh evah?

A busy, busy, busy girl.

(high resolution pic- click on it for all the Maddilicious plushy details)


U come closer...

I noes U want to snorgle mah belleeeee.....

(high resolution pics- click for plushy details of snorgalicious variety)

I haz haidstanding peeps 2

Jeffco (top) and the fabulous Watertiger in front of Independence Hall.


HALP!!! mah mom is eatted me!!

Out of the dog houz

Out of the dog houzz...

and back to watching birdies outside.

I can still haz xtra scritches? I iz still not chewing on stuffz.

Turns out Ripley did not kill either powercord. Probably the fault of an old and faulty surge protector. Thank goodness for AppleCare. Replacement wuz freeee!!!!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Portrait of a very, very, very bad kitteh who killed ANOTHER power cord to teh centaur's MacBook pro.

Riplee thinks she's a puppeh, wuts wrong wif her? always chewing on stuff, I nevah chews on stuff can I haz scritches?

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Photo by Tony Tam

AFP/Yoshikasu Tsuno

AP/Itsuo Inouye

One of the nicest things about spring is the arrival of the cherry blossoms. Not that we have any here. But nice nonetheless.


I would really like to go to outer space and I have to say that I'm rather pissed that I cannot. Seriously, WTF? when I was a kid it seemed like space travel was just a few years away.


Photo is of Saturn and Titan from the Cassini spacecraft. Photo courtesy of NASA and the JPL.

Halloooooo! iz tuesday

Oh noes, mah ruff ate mah feeties.

Ripley iz vry silleee.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Plushies, at last

The supernatural ruff of doom!!

Maddie displays the proper was to be nonchalant (with paws crossed, natch).

Both pics are high resolution. Click on them for all teh plushy details.

Sorry guys, I actually took these Thursday night and intended to post kitteh pictures over the weekend. Alas, I just did not find the time or energy to actually take the pictures off my camera.

Bad centaur!!

The good news is that I am home, and the gurlz got extensive scritching and huggling. They are now napping peacefully, apparently not terribly bothered that I was gone all weekend.

I'll post some tomorrow about EschaCon- though I must say that I was beseiged by folks who sought me out to declare their undying love for Ripley and Maddie. Just proves that the Atriot community is full of peeps of most excellent good taste.

Oh, and Athenae, I gave both Ripley and Maddie a special belly snorgling just for U. They were very pleased.