Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday nite kittenz

Iz that doggie still barking? no cheezburger for him

I kill carrot for U now I be tired so I'ze restin'

Where's mah cheezburger!!

They learn so young.

Hat tip to GWPDA.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Bonus kitties!!

Don't stare or I mess U up, k?

The gurlz caught napping together.

If you click on this photo, you can see Maddie's amazing eyelashes.

And extra RIpleeeeeeee!!!

I'se needs me some tummy scritches, kthxbai

Extra Maddie

Now wut'z she doin? (Ripley was on the floor making a mess of the rugs.)

I'ze sleepin' in funny shapes, kthxbai.

Memorial Maxx Blogging

The sweetest boy evah. I miss you buddy.

Friday kittehs

I can has delicious chiken or cheezburger plz??

Oh noes! I'ze all twisty.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

More Gummo kitteh

The lure of the cheezburger was too strong, Gummo relented and sent photos of other Gummo family kitteh, Cleo.

Reading is teh gud for kittehs.

Ripley is relieved that Mr. and Mrs. Gummo can has cheezburger now. She was worried they be hungry, she sez, "thx4pitchers okbai"

It's a mad, mad, maddie world

After cheezburger Iz goes be sleepies. Okbai now


AP/Jim Watson

Two things.

First, this morning in his presser, Bush said this:
And so when it's all said and done, Ed, if you ever come down and visit the old, tired, me down there in Crawford, I will be able to say I looked in the mirror and made decisions based upon principle, not based upon politics.
Ahem. Seems to me that everything I've read the past week or so has been about how Karl Rove is right in the middle of discussions on what to do about the war.

If that ain't politics, well, then Maddie's not eeeepy.

Secondly, take a good look at that photo. Here's the question I would ask, if they would ever let centaurs into the press room (the BASTARDS!!! to facilities for centaurs.):
Mr. President, do any of your advisors, family members or cabinet officers ever take you aside and say, "you know, you sound like an insane person when you speak in public."?? Because you really look and sound like a nut. Aren't you concerned that your nuttiness is frightening America?
Just once, SOMEONE, anyone needs to say that to him.

Oh noes!!

Halp!! this couch is tries to et me!!

Pirates!!! arrrrrrr matey!!

From our friends at I can has cheezburger??

More gurlzzz

I'ze just rly relaxer

I'z redy for mah closeup now- I can has cheezburger?

Wrath of god stuff

K puppy, stop that or U no can has cheezburger.

Photo: Mahesh Kumar A, Associated Press

Plush buddies

This is Nico, one of the teh cute kittens that own good friend and NYC atriot Gummo and Mrs. Gummo. They have one other, Cleo, but he forgot to attach the photo. I lurve me some black and white kitties with cow markings. Tooo eeeeeepy!!

Ripley sez, "bad Gummo U need to send pitcher or U can't has cheezburger."

Aliens- the remake


Wot? iz alien carrot bother you? doan worry I halp

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Late night eeeeeepiness


I NOT cheezburger! doan bite me so hard!

The tail o'doom attempts to eat Maddie in her sleep.

Lady Bird Johnson, RIP

Lady Bird Johnson passed away this afternoon at 4:12 pm. We should remember her not for being the wife of LBJ, but for being a pioneer of the environmental movement in the U.S. In Texas she'll be remembered for her work in promoting and studying native wildflowers, culminating in the establishment of the National Wildflower Research Center in Austin, TX. (Now renamed the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center).

Central Texans also have Lady Bird to thank for the hike and bike trail along town lake, as well as the spectacular fields of wildflowers seen every spring and summer along Texas highways. Her work also ushered in the modern vogue of native planting in this area. It's no longer uncommon to see private properties planted entirely with native species. There's a home near my office with a lawn entirely composed of wildflowers. With all the rain we've had this year, it's lovely.

In many ways, Texas sucks. But you can't drive in the Texas hillcountry during the springtime and not thank both God and Lady Bird for the gifts she's given all of us.

Johnson was 94.

Some photos of our texas landscape.

Daily kitteh fix

I killz carrot 4 u giv me scritches now

wy u flashy-thing me now iz too early, milkring?

Kittenzzzz in da houzzz

Poopyman and his wife, who recently lost a beloved kitty, went to the shelter to get a kitten or two, and ended up with three. They are teh pleased with their forevah home!

Here's Spanky and Archie, who are littermates.


Spanky playing with his particle accelerator.

And afterwords. Physics iz hard werk for a kitteh. U try it U see.

Update: Oy, got it all wrong. Lily and Archie are littermates. Spanky just looks like he's related to Archie.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


War of the worlds over Roswell, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!

photo: Marl Wilson, Associated Press

Ripley on the warpath

Wot U mean I can't has cheezburger? U makin me mad

More Maddie

She's getting teh plushy these days. Notice the teh tufty toesies.


Radioactive cat!!

That was then.

This is now. She's, ummm, gotten bigger.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Late night kiddens

We be hanging, wots up with U??


Maddie relaxes on top of Ripley. She's pretty pleased with herself.

Mystery Kitten

I'ze mysteriuse jes lik mata hari though I don think she bites

Do u?

Update: watta U mean I look like a bunny? do not

U better stop...

...flashy-thinging us or we'll bite U

I sez stop

I hate you all!!! hisssss!!

Okay we be cute now for u.