Saturday, May 19, 2007

Parting Poodle Gifts

This is what loyalty to George Bush will get you.

I don't know how he sleeps at night.


Maddie photographed in the same light.

She enjoys popping out from under the sofa. In fact, they both do, which is why I'm going to need a new sofa this fall.

The tail. Of doom.

Saturday Ripley

I get sick of shooting with the flash, but the lighting in my apartment is terrible. Oh well, here's Ripley in the late afternoon sun.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday Eeeeeepiness

Well, blogger photos appears to be bloggered. Eeeeepiness later.

Nevermind, all fixed. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 17, 2007



Give me scritches!!


No kittens were injured in the making of this post.

Ripley looks like she's yelling, but really she's just getting ready to chomp on Maddie.

Kitten Blitz

Gimme that feather!!

Peeps are delicious.

It is such fun to be a kitten.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Public Service

Photo: Win Mcnamee, Getty Images

Sheesh. Not a one of these bushies fuckers understands what the meaning of "public service" is. From the NYTimes, Wolfowitz Said to Push for Deal to Quit:
WASHINGTON, May 16 — After six weeks of combating efforts to oust him as president of the World Bank, Paul D. Wolfowitz began Wednesday to negotiate the terms under which he would resign, in return for the dropping or softening of the charge that he had engaged in misconduct, bank officials said.

Mr. Wolfowitz was said to be adamant that he be cleared of wrongdoing before he resigned, according to people familiar with his thinking.
Yeah, I'll bet. Clearing him of wrongdoing means that he didn't violate his employment contract and then he'll be able to sue the World Bank for his big fat bonus. He's been there less than two years. Does he really think he's earned a $400,000 bonus?

Nice Wolfie, you're supposed to be working at an institution that deals with world poverty. And you use the opportunity to enrich yourself and your girlfriend.

It's all about the money. With these guys it's ALWAYS about the money.

I hope the World Bank tells Wolfowitz, Cheney and Chimpy to fuck off and die.


Just a beautiful photo. Isn't nature grand?

Photographed in Hawaii by Ken Love, Associated Press.


Help! there's a peep on my head!

She likes feathers.


Virgotex has a new kitten!! (more kitten goodness at the link.)

Most excellent. Alfie appears to be a on his way to becoming a plushy kitty, which is the kind we like best here at plushlife. Welcome Alfie and congrats to Virgotex.

Pup Possum surreptitiously investigates the kitten's bottom.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Late night kittenz

Both of them, adorable.

Particle Accelerator, paging MAXX!!

NYTimes/Valerio Mezzanoti

I certainly hope that Maxx returns from his comet trip in time to check this out. A Giant Takes on Physic's Biggest Questions.
The physicists, wearing hardhats, kneepads and safety harnesses, are scrambling like Spiderman over this assembly, appropriately named Atlas, ducking under waterfalls of cables and tubes and crawling into hidden room-size cavities stuffed with electronics.

They are getting ready to see the universe born again.

Again and again and again — 30 million times a second, in fact.

Starting sometime next summer if all goes to plan, subatomic particles will begin shooting around a 17-mile underground ring stretching from the European Center for Nuclear Research, or Cern, near Geneva, into France and back again — luckily without having to submit to customs inspections.

Crashing together in the bowels of Atlas and similar contraptions spaced around the ring, the particles will produce tiny fireballs of primordial energy, recreating conditions that last prevailed when the universe was less than a trillionth of a second old.

Whatever forms of matter and whatever laws and forces held sway Back Then — relics not seen in this part of space since the universe cooled 14 billion years ago — will spring fleetingly to life, over and over again in all their possible variations, as if the universe were enacting its own version of the “Groundhog Day” movie. If all goes well, they will leave their footprints in mountains of hardware and computer memory.
BTW, U.S. scientist would be getting ready to answer those questions, but our congress cancelled the American project in 1993. Fuckers.

Dark Matter!!

Photo: NASA from the Hubble Space Telescope

This is kind of fun, Hubble Reveals Ghostly Ring of Dark Matter. Ghostly ring! dark matter!!! Spooky!!
Astronomers have discovered an enormous, ghostly ring of dark matter 5 billion light-years away--the most blatant evidence to date for the existence of a mysterious substance hidden throughout the universe.

Dark matter makes up a vast majority of gravity-exerting mass in the universe, while only about 10 percent is matter we can see and touch. If dark matter didn't exist, scientists say, galaxies like the Milky Way would have already flown apart from a severe lack of gravitational "glue."
I joke, but this is actually serious stuff in the astrophysical world, and a pretty important discovery.

The picture is cool as well.

Fallwell, still dead at 73

Satan reacts.

"Fuck, this place already smells bad enough without that fat old asshole."

(this one is for Hecate)

Falwell dead at 73

And God responds.

Oh, was that uncivil? Tant pis. My motto in life is to try to leave the world a better place than when you came into it. He clearly did not do that.

So I don't give a fuck if he rests in peace or not.

Ah, sisterly love

Ripley decides Maddie has slept quite long enough.

"Just cos I'm sleepy doesn't mean I can't still can slap the shit out of you, you little goofball."

Daily Madeleine

Maddie plays peep football. In her sleep.

Her tail has acheived truly mutant size.

Okay, I'm awake now. Just quit flashy-thinging me.

Morning Ripppppleeeeeeey

Ya know, if I could stay home, I would.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Afternoon Ripleeeeeee

First we play, then we nap.

The fuzzy grey thing in the foreground is Maddie's insanely plushy tail.

Yesterday we had a bit of kitten trauma. The kiddens were playing chase, merrily leaping over the furniture, when Maddie chased Ripley up over the sofa onto my desk, where upon the two of them went sliding off the edge in a shower of staplers, mail and other desky stuff.

Ripley was so frightened she went and hid under the bed. Took me half an hour to calm her down. I was so concerned that she was injured that I almost packed her up and took her to the vet. (I'm not sure if she got hit with something or not, or if the noise just scared her). She quickly recovered though, and was back to her hellion ways within the hour and was none the worse for wear.

Funny little munchkin.

I just like the pitcher

Photo: David Wettergreen- Carnegie Mellon

Ah yes, the power of a nice photograph. It led me to this interesting article about a robot that might lead the way to exploration on Jupiter and Europa. Mexican Sinkhole May Lead NASA to Jupiter.

Mostly though, I just liked the photograph. Undersea! with purty colors.

Daily kittenz

If I sit in the window and look cute will you stay home with me?

Maddie likes to tuck her feetsies up under her chin when she sleeps. The photo is weird, she looks like she has no legs.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Such whiners


Spotted tummy.

And Rippppppp-llllleeeeeeeeee!!

Oh, and the whiners aren't the kittenz, it's my readers who can't go a day without their plush fix. Addicts!!