Friday, April 27, 2012

Really blogger?

The new interface is a pain in the butt and the scheduling function doesn't seem to work very well. Hence, the double-post of Friday Ripley. Oh well!!

Friday Ripley

I be napping...

oh, wait, U bringz me feathers on a stick? iz mah favorite!
A big thanks to Kid Ranger who sent a whole tube full of those things when they were behbehs. They still love them. Happy friday.

Friday Maddie!!

Where dat sparkly dot goes? WHERE?

U be bothering me while I chase dot. 
It's really hard to get Maddie's attention when she's on the deck- she gets distracted by the reflection off my lens. Silly cat!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Time flies!!

I wuz lost and in jail....

...and now I am big gurl in mah forever home. 
She really was a funny cute kitten.


The aurora borealis photographed over Finland in January.
I wish I live where I could photograph auroras. Also via National Geographic.

Space, bitches!!

Fresh snowfall on one of Saturn's moons.

A space "snowball" crashes through one of Saturn's rings. 
NASA's Cassini orbiter continues to astonish. Three cheers for science! via National Geographic News

Friday Ripley

I iz napping. Goez awai pleeze. 

Oh wait, dere be feathers on a stick??
Ripley still loves those feathers on a stick (as does  Maddie.) A big thank you to (I think) Kid Ranger, who sent a whole bunch of them to the gurlz when they where little. It was the plushy gift that STILL keeps on giving.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

No waxes here

Eyebrows, I haz dem

Me too! 
Maddie was more interested in chasing the reflection the lens made on the deck than helping me create a plushy-pic. Scamp!

As always, photos are high resolution so U shud clik on dem 4 moar plushy eeeepiness. kaithxbai.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Oh hai! sorry we're late today....

we wuz busy napping in da nice weather.