Friday, August 25, 2006


One more for the road. Lion kitty Maxx playing wih his particle accelerator. (If only I could get him to do his homework.)

Bonus Plushy!!

Being teh cute is hard work.

Friday Frisky Kitty Blogging

Someone was feeling all frisky last night.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Calling all sharks

Fuck. Where's a shark when you need one? Via Wolcott: The Sorrow and the Titties, we bring you:

Atlas Juggs Beach Blogging

And this is the idiot that John Bolton thinks is worth an interview? I guess even the sharks have better taste.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I'm still hungry

Could you resist that face? I was terrified he would gnaw off my arm while I slept.

Time to kill the minion

Mr. Plushy pauses before disembowling his minion.

Let the plushypalooza commence!!

"I am finally feeling better and four legs thinks it's okay to put stuff on my head. Hrrrmmfffppphhh."

Plushy health update

So far, the body count today is: 2 cans of Fancy Feast, 2 pouches of Iams Kitten food (one tuna, one salmon), 1/2 a pouch of Whiskas chicken tender bites, and one bowl of Fancy Feast dry food moistened with free-range chicken broth.

He looks like he swallowed a softball.

Oh, and he got all frisky tonight and beat the crap out of minion Peeper. Pics tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Stuff on my tigers!!

Reuters/China Daily

Oh, the indignity!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Sad plushy story

The fourlegger household has been in something of a turmoil the past few weeks. I had been thinking of moving, but decided against it for a number of reasons. One, lion kitty Maxx has been ill, and I don't want to stress him with a big upheaval; two, I'm cheap- this place is relatively cheap; and three, I'm lazy. It's August, and I just don't feel like packing and moving in this beastly heat.

If I'm going to stay, I thought to myself, I might as well spruce up the place a bit. So I painted the bathroom and I'm redoing the closets and my desk area. Tonight, while pulling junk out of my walk-in closet, I dragged out a bunch of broken down boxes I'd been hoarding all summer in anticipation of a move. Maxx immediately started acting anxious, and well, depressed.

It dawned on me that his last family moved and left him behind, so the sight of moving boxes is making him sad and nervous.

Poor little bugger. Needless to say, he's been getting lots of hugs and ear scritches tonight, and the offending boxes are out at the dumpster.

I promised him that no matter where I go in the world, he gets to go too.


This is a photo I took at the Zilker Botanical Gardens a few weeks ago.

Death of an iMac

I would like to post a couple photos tonight, sadly, everytime I try Safari crashes. Most annoying.

I expect the problem lies with this ancient little iMac. Oh well, check back tomorrow.

Monday plush

Here's a little black and white re-run to tide you plushyfanatics over.

How indeed?

My question is, what took the poodle so long?
The alliance between George Bush and Tony Blair is in danger after it was revealed that the Prime Minister believes the President has 'let him down badly' over the Middle East crisis.

A senior Downing Street source said that, privately, Mr Blair broadly agrees with John Prescott, who said Mr Bush's record on the issue was 'crap'.

The source said: "We all feel badly let down by Bush. We thought we had persuaded him to take the Israel-Palestine situation seriously, but we were wrong. How can anyone have faith in a man of such low intellect?"

From the Daily Mail. Blair 'feels betrayed by Bush on Lebanon'

I'm always astounded by these politicians who act astonished to discover the chimperor's true nature. Really, it's been on display since day one. Bush's record on everything is crap. Stop being so willfully blind.

Ummm, no.

Reuters/Joshua Roberts

Bush says that Iraq is straining the nation's psyche.

Actually, it's Bush and his endless incompetence that are driving us mad.

Gee, he never looks stupider than when he's trying to be convincing, eh?

Puma plush

AP/Esteban Felix

Filomena, a two-week old puma. Teh cute.