Saturday, June 16, 2007

Visiting kitties

Culture of Truth's kitty TIger.

More kitty blogging

Okay, so doesn't Maddie look like one of the kitties in the print below?

Ripley gets the upper... umm... paw.

More physics!!

More Photoblogging

Since Polly likes my photos. All of these are from the human evolution exhibit, which has been completely renovated.

I was walking past this skeleton when I overheard an outraged woman declaring, "I don't care what ANYONE says, I am NOT descended from monkeys." Sigh.

A cast of one of the oldest human skulls ever discovered.

And a cast of the so-called "hobbit" skull from Indonesia. Now we know what happened to Frodo after the film ended.

More Photoblogging

You guys let me know if you get bored seeing my trip photos.

I forget what this thing is- it was in the Hall of Evolution- I thought it looked cool. Apparently I thought it looked cool.

And this is the close up of a geode in the mineral and gem exhibit.


Spotted in Battery Park. And you think *your* job sucks.

More Museum

Since Eli photoblogged the Rose Space Center at the Museum of Natural History, I will too. I'm usually not much for photographing architecture, but this place is really beautiful.

The entire complex is housed in a glass building, with the planets suspended from the ceiling.

The actual space theatre is housed in a huge globe, which from outside the museum looks like a floating world- and from underneath, looks like a huge flying saucer.

I don't know much about modern architecture, but what the designers accomplished here is gorgeous. The use of light, space, the metals... the shapes, it's simply wonderful.

It looks a little bit like what I imagined a space station would look like when I was a kid.

And where the hell is my freaking flying car??

Friday, June 15, 2007

Late Night Ripley


Such a pretty girl.

Guest Doggie Blogging

One of the things I like best about NYC is the plethora of truly big dogs who live there. They all seem estatic with urban life too.

Meet Wimsey, a delightful bloodhound who owns the equally delightful Maria, who came to our Atriot picnic in the Sheep Meadow last friday night, as well as to dinner on Saturday night. Wimsey has his very own blog here: Wimsey's Blog where he keeps everyone up on day to day life in Manhattan.

I must say that Atriots are the nicest people in the world, and I had a delightful time hanging out with them. In attendence at last weekend's festivities were the delightful and witty Res Ispa Loquitor, the fabulous watertiger, Gummo and Mrs. Gummo, the Kenosha Kid (thanks for the chocolate! it was delicious!!), Culture of Truth (who is just as funny in person), the infamous Steve Simmels (we're not worthy), the lovely HoneyBear Kelly and the equally lovely Brooklyn Girl (and of course the previously mentioned Maria.) I hope I haven't forgotten anyone.

I feel truly lucky to consider them all friends.


I don't know what the deal is with this guy, but he sure was scary.

I feel another movie plot coming on.

I'm a big gurl now...

This is now.

And this was a few months ago, when she was still just a wee little thing.

My how she's grown. I was trying to get a nice identical shot so you guys could really see the size change, but she was not being cooperative last night.

Friday Gurlzzz blogging

Ripley loves her kitty cube. It's a good place to stash her toys and peer out at Maddie.

Maddie and Ripley collaborate on their physics homework.

Then pause for a wraslin' session.

"Come down here where I can bite you properly." I'd like to point out that that is a standard size dining chair and a not-so-standard size kitten. Oy.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Goddamnit- Chick-o-saurus lives!

Why is the National Geographic trying to steal my movie plot? Massive Birdlike Dinosaur Unearthed in China. I swear I'm gonna hafta take a hostage.

While in NYC, Eli and I visited the Museum of Natural History, which had many fine dinosaur exhibits. No chick-o-saurus though.

Anyhoo, I took many pictures of various terrifying creatures, including:

The allosaurus, who went extinct from eating too many small jets. They just aren't digestible.

The T-Rex, our chick-o-saurus rex's ancestor. I must say he's just as scary now as he was 6,000 years ago.

And most terrifying of all, the Bullwinklesaurus.

Daily Ripley

Ripley obligingly sat in a sunny spot yesterday, so I was able to photograph her without a flash. Madeleine ran off (and kept trying to bite by fingers) so you'll have to wait for a pic of her later.

More Animals

An otter.

A very green lizard in the rainforest exhibit.

And our friend the sealioness, who was still waiting for her tasty afternoon snack of herring.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Well, actually not. Some jellyfish creature model at the American Museum of Natural History.

I just couldn't go to bed with the turdblossom at the top of my blog.

Separated at birth? or the same man?

I think we've established the link between Rove and Voldemort once and for all. To Azkaban!! Toute suite!!

Hat tip to the fabulous Zoe.


The Central Park Zoo (actually now called the Central Park Conservation Center) has some lovely gardens.

Some sort of rose.

A delightful bromeliad, found in the rainforest exhibit. I like the spikey alieness of these guys.

More roses.

It was a disappointingly overcast day. Oh well. I took some cityscapes, but I hate it when the sky is grey. So boring.

Bush chooses talking penis to replace Bartlett

I guess the news isn't that surprising, since the republican party really has very little available talent. Bush Names Gillespie As New Counselor.

But sheesh, don't the have anyone who doesn't have a seriously deformed haid?

photo: AP/Charles Dharapak

Morning kitties


Did I spy a feather?

You're not leaving again, are you?

There's something about Ripley's expression. She always looks sad to me. (Don't worry, she's not.)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Coney Island

On Sunday Eli and I went out to Coney Island to get some photos before the island gets Trump-erized. Honestly, I think most of the old Coney Island is gone already. There was a distressing lack of carney people and freaks.

I'll be interested to see Eli's photos (since he does things and not people)- I'm fairly certain it will look like we were on opposite ends of the earth.

The photo above is pretty representative of the kind of stuff I like to do- document the moments of people's lives. This ride consisted of a number of reproduction, miniature antique cars going in a circle on a pretty tame track for very small children. They were having a ball.

Interestingly, I stood there trying to catch cute children as they went by. Eli was waiting for them to get out of the way so he could photograph the track. Á chacun son gout.

Sea lions

Where are the zoo keepers?

I want mah fish NOWWWW!!!!

Yes, it was feeding time for the sea lions.

I'm back...

And everyone is just fine. As you can all see for yourselves.

Ripley grew while I was away. A bunch!

Maddie is bigger too, and her tail is more outrageous than ever.

Neither of them are mad at all, though Ripley is being pretty clingy. She won't let me out of her sight. They're both glad I'm home, even if I am tired and cranky. The kittens were in excellent hands while I was gone. My upstairs neighbor and his girlfriend are good friends, and cat lovers. They came in twice a day and played with them, gave them many scritches, and made sure their kitten tummies were full.

I had a miserable flight home. First my flight was delayed because of weather, and then we sat on the runway for a hour. When I got to Austin my car was dead. Again. Tried to jump it. Nothing. By this time it's 2:00 am. I had to take the shuttle back to the airport and get a cab home. Feh.

The dealer towed my car this morning and hopefully they'll fix it right this time. And yes, they paid for the tow and are reimbursing me for the cab ride.

New York pics later.