Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Maddie and Riplee say "DOAN TALK TO TROLLZ"

or elz I jump on UR haid
... and I bite U in UR ass..

kai thx bai

(cause there's been a disturbing tendency in teh blogosphere to indulge teh trolliforms in their pointless discussions about nonsense. U must stop cause U R making teh behbeh jeesus crai)


Anonymous said...

beautiful photography.lovely babies.
thanks for such warm & sweet shots. flg real good.


four legs good said...

UR welcome.

kai thx bai!

Anonymous said...

Good little Gurlz.

I will bite them where it matters.

/Uncle Arthur

four legs good said...

Riplee and Maddeee sez, "thanks Uncle Arthur! U can halps us!"

Anonymous said...

Trollz hang out under bridgez an' try to scare billy goatz.
Goez away ifs you ignorez 'em.


Anonymous said...

We aren't sure what these trolls are, these evil beings who annoy U.

But we will gladly fight them with U, oh fierce feminist kitteh ladies!

Silver and I are sharp of fang and strong of claw, just point us at ur enemies, darling gurlz.

We shall rip and rend 'em, slash and slice 'em! Oblivion for uppity trolls!

Silkey, fighting fan

zoe said...

yeah maddie! yeah ripleee!!! boooo trollers...dont you worrry, you have many many legions to help you in your fight, not the least of course, mr. silkey

Anonymous said...

Love that black lipstick with the pink nosie!

Anonymous said...

And those tails o' doom. Wowie kazowie!

-- strawhat

Anonymous said...

U tell Riplee Chainsaw to be teh careful. Troll buttz iz highly toxic and if she bitez too hard she could get sik.



Caminante said...

I'd say whup them trollz upside the head with Maddie's gorgeous huge tail but I wouldn't want her tail to suffer.

Anonymous said...

Ripley dear, do listen to your aunt Flory.

I'm sure she's right abt troll butt being toxic.

We know what a brave fighter you are, but be a smart fighter too. Don't bite buttz deeply!

Anonymous said...

But, but I'm not talking to trollz... : (

Anonymous said...

Then again, I suppose that doesn't count.

ThePoliticalCat said...

So cute teh girlz! 4LG u raise some nice kittehs there. I remember when Ripley C. was a newly-released prizoner. Look at her now. And Maddie and Her Tail are like two separate enormous beasties of great elegance and good grooming.