Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This is my stepmother's cat Scruffers. She was apparently part of a litter that was allowed to run wild in the neighborhood- Scruffers "adopted" my stepmother, apparently deciding the grub was better there.

Sadly, my stepmother is moving to California and can't take Scruffers with her- so she's going to stay with a friend who is trying to find her a permanent home.

She's a really sweet, talkative kitteh- I would have adopted her myself, but Scruffers is accustomed to being an inside/outside kitteh. Also, my small abode is probably too small for three kittehs.

Good luck Scruffers, I hope you find a lovely place to live.


Anonymous said...

There's some serious Siamese blood there, possibly Flamepoint. Look at pics of my Nicky in last June's archives.

With a Siamese's personality I wouldn't worry too much about finding him a new home.

Good luck, little guy.

Caminante said...

Gorgeous kitteh. I hope Scruffers can find a loving forever home. She reminds me a bit of my sister's cat, Ajax, a flame point (orange). He's a gorgeous lunk of a cat who was brought into the vet's by a kid who supposedly found him with a BB bullet in his eye. Ajax is blind in that eye, still has the bullet in his head but is doing fine at age 13? 17? I can't remember but he is up there.

four legs good said...

Yeah, she definitely has siamese blood in her.

She's a sweet, sweet thing. Very affectionate and talkative. Purrs if you even look in her direction.