Friday, August 08, 2008

Friday Kitteh blogging resumes

U unpacking?? I HALPS U!!!

Pheww! iz stil saem napping couch. Iz releefz!!

I iz fine. Mving no beeeg deel.

Traumatized??? who me? mebbe jes a leetle bit

Iz dis rug spose to bee in big lump liek dis? iz new scritchey post?


Plum Pudding said...


cool new digs, girls!

we missed you!

Anonymous said...


Buckeye, Dealer of Rare Coins

Anonymous said...

New home! New kitteh pics! Box rehab! Yay!

four legs good said...

Yay indeed.

They love their new place. They've been playing up a storm.

Anonymous said...

New backgrounds is weird, esp. couch. Funny how you grow accustomed to seeing the kittehs in a particular setting, with a particular colourscheme and background light.)

(Which is why watertiger's pic of Ripley seemed strange, in a way.)

Plum Pudding said...

exactly, pseudonymous in nc.

the light is different. It's brighter at the new place. We'll see the girlz in a whole different light! kwool!

Anonymous said...


In their new home.
I iz very happy for u and teh gurlzz.

Everybody have a cookee.


Anonymous said...

WE iz very relieved to see our Plushy Sweethearts looking comfortable in their new home.

The patch of sunlight on ur floor is a fine thing, Ripley Sweetfoots. A perfect basking spot.

Mlle. Madeleine, no need to feel traumatized, ur own Silver Cat will sooth away all ur fears the first chance he gets.

Silkey and Silver, happy fans

Anonymous said...

Ripley halps U unpack by dusting your new empty shelves?
What a good gurl.

I love the look of empty shelves. It speaks of simplicity, tho that look is short-lived.

Anonymous said...

oh noes - not 2 tramitized i hopz!!!

four legs good said...

nah, she's okay nao.