Friday, October 17, 2008

Bonus kittehs

Oh hai, I iz in mah halfpipe.

I playz nao.

I'z reddy 4 mah closeup.

Oh ceiling cat, maek dis electshun end soon bee4 mah centaur goez mad.


Anonymous said...


Yes, Ma'am or sir. We're leaving for our Caturdai service -as soon as we catch that mouse (for the collection plate).

All us kittehs will beseech Ceiling Cat to halp U poor humans with that elecshun thing. U've been bitching abt those Repugs since before we were born.

It's time U humans and Centaurs returned to concentrating on US, ur feline overlords!

Time to go -- Silver caught that big, juicy mouse!

Silkey, pious kitteh

Caminante said...

Tanx Silkey, pious kitteh. (I am a she BTW.)

My kittehs are even trying to be kind to one another with paws in purrayer to Ceiling Cat to make Obama No. One.

Anonymous said...

Iz Ceiling Cat listening?

I hopez so.


Anonymous said...

Kittehs will keep us from going completely berserk. I hopz.

Anonymous said...

Mlle. Madeleine, beautiful Madeleine!
That profile shot shows such Gravitas, you are the kitteh exemplar of Deep Thought.

Darling Maddie, do you know that the ancient Egyptians admired your markings so much that they invented eye makeup to try to look like You!

Silver, connoisseur of beauty

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Kittehs keep you sane and amuse you too.

Sandy-LA 90034 said...

Such breathtakingly gorgeous plushy ladies! Sweet hearts, both!

Anonymous said...

maddie is magnificent in that profile picture. dignity and elegance. wow.
great photo, great photographer and
beautiful subject.

and ripley. what can i say? she always makes me smile.

thanks flg