Friday, November 14, 2008

At last, Friday kittehs

Sorry for the lack of posting. More kittehs later to make up for it.


Anonymous said...

Ripley Sweetfoots, my Darling Gurl!

I'm so glad to see ur furry face and delicious pink nose! See, I respected ur wishes abt not wormholing over to ur house cause ur Centaur was sick. But I wuz crushed not being able to be near ur furry goodness.

Tell Mlle. Madeleine that Silver will get in touch as soon as he gets home (autumn squirrel hunting season began today.)

BBLr. Gotta give up the comptr to the human now. She claims "work" is an excuse to use it. I want a laptop for Christmas.

Silkey, happy fan

Anonymous said...

About time!!!

Teh gurlz iz still pretty.


Anonymous said...

Oh, welcome back!

Such lovely furry ladies!

I am glad you're feeling better, 4lgs.

Missed you while you were gone.

The Other Sarah

Bones said...

Maddie looks barely contained by the half-pipe.

four legs good said...

Oh, she's not contained at all. She's completely outgrown it, but that doesn't stop her from napping there occasionally.

Caminante said...

Sorry you were sick (as I gather from the notes). My kittehs have the same toy with the feathers that is super to flip around.

Movers come tomorrow at 10.00 so must go.