Saturday, January 03, 2009

It's a plushy new year

'tis a veritable plushycouppia! (photos are high resolution, btw)


Anonymous said...

Happy Plushy New Year to all of us, Centaur, Human and glorious furry felines, short and long of hair.

Anonymous said...

Maddie, beautiful One, does your Centaur get mad when you play with her clean laundry? (I know it's clean cause those jeans are folded, in the last photo.)

My human yells if I so much as glance at the clean laundry basket. Silly human, I much prefer the fragrant dirty laundry, so nice for nesting. Humans are odd sometimes.

Silver, laundry expert

zoe said...

Plushy overload!!! Tahnk you for the eye candy.....Happy New Year!

Caminante said...

Oh Plushies and their beloved hoomin, a very happy new year from the four furries of Vermont (who don't even get a chance to get on the laundry, dirty or clean).

Anonymous said...

Iz an eggsellent way to start a New Year.


Anonymous said...

Furry Felines of Vermont Arise!
Especially Caminante's downtrodden crew.

Unite for a Cat's Right to nest in fragrant dirty laundry! It is well known that Cat dander and shed hair prevent vermin, thus sanitize dirty laundry.

Agitate for:
A chicken in every pot,
A Cat in every laundry basket!

Silkey, revolutionary Cat

Anonymous said...

The girls look all shiny and new like the 2009! I know they haz a hope...

4 Legs... what camera(s) do you use? I just got a Nikon Coolpix P80 and it's been fun taking SLR like pics of my own plushy, Natalie Maines Coon. I love, love, love your pics!

Happiest of New Years... goodbye 2008 and Chimpy!

Denise and Natalie

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the name, "Natalie Maines Coon"!

four legs good said...

Denise - I shoot with an SLR, specifically the Canon 40D.