Sunday, January 18, 2009

More Guest Kitteh!!

This is Tony, our good friend JDW's kitteh - he has quite the crush on Maddie and Ripley. Oh noes! look out Silkey and Silver - U gots competition!!

Tony is quite the handsome fellow.


Anonymous said...

tony is actually a cat-in-law.

i could send you my cats, but you'd have enuf material for a week :)

Karin said...

He certainly is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

are his beautiful eyes really that green, or are they reflecting the color of the leaves? wow.


Anonymous said...

Tony's eyes are really that green, but I like the shot because it brings out that color so well. He's a very handsome fellow. :)

Bones said...

Tabby cats rock. He is a fine-looking fellow.