Monday, September 28, 2009

We LURVES our deck

I tink dese plants maek mah da green in mah eyes pop, doan U?

Dat squirrel ran away agin and nao he's chattering at me.

Maddie ponders life beyond bars.


Anonymous said...


And yes, the leaves do bring out the green in her eyes.

Buckeye ....

Plum Pudding said...

Vive le deck!

Plum Pudding said...

ski jump track and landing site!

Anonymous said...

The leaves complement your eyes very well indeed, Miss Ripley.

So good to see you lovely plushy ladies again!

(I had to take my gentlest kitteh to the vet Saturday for a sprained wrist and a skinned chin.)

The Other Sarah

four legs good said...

Sarah, oh noes! I hope kitteh is okay

grandefille said...

If there are more beautiful gurls, or a kinder centaur, on teh Interwebs, we haz not found them.

Warmest wishes for long and happy days in your new home.

Thank you for sharing your beautemousity with us, gurls. And centaur.

xoxoxo from HarryCat and his Mom

Oh Susannah said...

Maddie must be pondering those bars VERY seriously--she even has bar-like stripes on the back of her head! OhNo Miss Maddie!

Unknown said...

She will be fine, 4lgs.