Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Oh, hai. I helps U maekka da bed, kai?

I luvs U.



Anonymous said...

oh, good grief. i'm melting. she does have a way with her own sweet self.

is it comfortable being wrapped around that tiny paw?


four legs good said...

U think I haz a choice in the matter??

grandefille said...

I haz broken my fingerz petting the screen. You win, Miss Maddie. You win. Carrots and birdies and cans of tuna are being ordered as we speak.

How do you LIVE, 4lg? Good heavens.


xoxo from grandefille, chief of staff for HarryCat

grandefille said...

i am very embarrassed to have typed "Miss Maddie" when that is CLEARLY "Miss Ripley." I blame the high-res photos; they wiped out my brain.

Both girls are equally beautiful and winsome. Darn them.

xoxo again from grandefille, soon-to-be-fired chief of staff for HarryCat