Tuesday, March 02, 2010

iPhone rescue

Sorry, a little under the weather - but the iPhone camera comes to the rescue!!

The kittehs don't care, they just want breakfast.


grandefille said...

Oh, they lurve you, dear 4lg. Their tummehs just take hold of them sometimes and they forget to say thanks.

As I just told JP, if the rest of the world would show the same well-earned and -deserved appreciation to Cat Daddehs and Mommehs as kittehs do, we'd be a happier place for Cat Daddehs and Mommehs everywhere.

May your plusheh gurlz keep you snuggly warm and comfy today. Hope you're healing quickly!

xoxoxo from grandefille and HarryCat

(BTW, every time I come to the blog and see that "Never mind all that" headline, I start giggling and thinking "Never mind the bollocks, it's the Plusheh Gurlz!" Hee.)

four legs good said...

actually they've been quite sweet while I've been recovering. Maddie has been glued to my side.

Plum Pudding said...

Tipley looks guily of something...I hope she hasn't joined Smokey's gang!

Team Jacob!

Plum Pudding said...


me = bad

four legs good said...

She's always guilty of something.