Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Some kittehs 4 U

Can I haz cake tomorrow 2? Plze? kai thx bai

Iz rly mah birfday tomorroh? I can haz balloons and party?

Update: Whoops! Maddie's birfday is actually the 29th, which is Thursday. It's a good thing she's a cat, and won't remember tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

All the balloons and cake and mousies and feathers and carrots and pate and turkey and ham and kibble u wantz.


Happy (almost) first birfday Princess Maddie.

auntie flory

echidne said...

Happy birdday to Maddie!

Anonymous said...

Smoked turkey pate' for everybody! (Arthur will help.)


Anonymous said...

Happy birfday to you, Maddie! Maxxine is setting up the caterer...

zoe said...

happy pre birthday maddie, you gorgeous girl

Anonymous said...

I hope lovely Little sister gets a balloon tomorrow too. And extra scritches and hugs.

Some of us get jealous when older siblings get all the attention.

Silkey, younger fan

Anonymous said...

Oh, 4lgs ... this is wonderful.
Coincidental, or eerie?
My mom's birthday was 29 Nov 12.
I *always* remembered it as the 27th.

Happy Birthday, Madeleine.
You're a beautiful young lady kitteh.

The Other Sarah