Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday nite plushies

We had us lots of fur grooming this evening. Iz not easy maintaining those plushy coats ya know.


Anonymous said...

Of course it's not easy keeping the plush in proper plushitude. Those are some high maintenance kittehs you got there, as they should be.


Anonymous said...

How I wish I could be there to help groom that delicate tummy fur, delicious Mlle. Madeleine.

Delicate, delicious, dainty … you are the most feminine of felines, Sweet Madeleine!

I'm very good at washing pretty kitteh ears, too. Just call me and I will love to do you, Lovely Mlle.*

Silver, amorous again fan

*If I can get that damned wormhole to go past Phoenix.

Bones said...

Mine just came back in from a romp outside: wet and muddy and with a belly covered in grass clippings.

(Please don't sit on my lap!)

Anonymous said...

Ur Elizabethan ruff is always sooo well groomed, glamorous Ms. Ripley.

Even short fur like mine [short but dense and soft as silk] is a lot to lick into shape. Lucky me to have someone to brush me up.

Does ur kittenslave help groom ur fur, pretty Kitty Lady?

Silkey, well-groomed kitteh fella