Sunday, March 23, 2008


Five by five I'm in teh pipe.

Ripley! they're inside the barrier. They found a way in! something we didn't think of... something not on the plans!

We didn't miss anything! I stopz them, doan worree...

Hey, U want sum? how bout U??

I killz U all!!

Ripley saves us agin.


Anonymous said...

Ripley iz a very gud little gurl.

She can haz Easter egg?

zoe said...

awwww! happy easter to the gurlz and their centaur!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ripley! I feel safe from the scary alien carrots with you and Maddie here to get them.

Peep! Happy Easter!

four legs good said...

They can both haz anything they want.

Anonymous said...

I dun see no Peepz. Iz Easter....where iz teh Peepz?


Anonymous said...

What happened to Ms. Ripley's eye? Was she in a fight?

Is there anybody I can beat up for her? Will she be ok? Should I send her a pirate eyepatch? Worry, worry, worry! Mai poor darling Gurl!

By the way, I capitalize some words cause I like some words better than others. Why is that Atrios fella picking on me?

The internets have been with us for quite awhile now, and still there are people who think that the generous use of capital letters is an effective debating tactic.
Atrios 17:50 (Saturday)

I've been told I'm a fine writer, for a cat. I get compliments for mai poetry. What is this Atrios's problem? He should stick to politics.

Get Well, Darling Ms. Ripley. Tomorrow the great Peep wars begin, we need U on the front lines!

Silkey, concerned fan

Anonymous said...

The above was Silkey's comment from Saturday.

His cruel, uncaring human prevented him from contacting his Beloved by leaving for the weekend.

He is punishing her by withholding purrs and snuggles. Next Silkey plans to eat grass and throw up on her rugs.

Woe and vomit for careless humans!

four legs good said...

Silkey, Ripley is fine. She irritated her eye while playing on Friday, but she is all better.

You may rest easy.