Monday, July 21, 2008

Light blogging week


Work and personal life are eating up all my time again this week. Yes, I have stuff to say about Netroots Nation, and yes, I do haz photos of Al Gore and Howard Dean. But no, you cannot haz them today.



Anonymous said...

Four Legs Good, Ma'am

Thank U for a wonderful weekend. We cleaned up after ourselves real good, except for the accident with that one mousie.

Maddie said she could get it out from under the frig, so we left it to her.

More personal life is what U should have, especially away from home. We are always available to entertain the Kitteh Ladies.

Maddie and Ripley had fun learning the tango.

Silver and Silkey, grateful fans

Anonymous said...

Promoted from 7/18 thread.

Silkey Ross said...
Wheeee!! We hope U R having fun with ur convention friends, Four Legs, Ma'am.

WE certainly are!!1 We R in ur apartment, drinking ur Dr. Pepper!!

Maddie an Silver are dancing the tango … Maddie is sooo graceful.

Silkey, ecstatic lover

Anonymous said...

Pictures of The Goricle and The Deaniac will be just as good a few days from now. Go out and have a life. We'll be here when you return. :)

Thanks for the new Maddie and Ripley shots. They look well rested, considering they spent the weekend mousing and tangoing.

Anonymous said...

I'm joining Gramm's "Nation of Whiners". I want details abt the fun at NRN. Pix of our famous peeps.
I will not be assuaged by Plushy Cats!

Anonymous said...

I won't whine.



Anonymous said...

a genuine pleasure to have met you at the friday night dinner.

embarrassed I didn't know you had your own place - geez I gotta get out more. but looking forward to reading you.

absolutely gorgeous babies you have here.


Anonymous said...

Pink tongue...swoon.


Plum Pudding said...


4LG: go to Cute Overload, there's a new Winston video!

Caminante said...

Oh I dunz want the Deaniac or Gore, I wantz the kittehs!!! What pretties.