Wednesday, July 23, 2008

some kittenz 4 U

Ah, they grow up so quickly.


Anonymous said...

Nothing cuter in teh world than kiddens. 'Specially plushy ones.
You're a good cat parent/Centaur, 4Legs.

Plum Pudding said...

tiny Maddie was the best!

Anonymous said...

So funny -- tiny Maddie has a face that is startlingly like that of my (human) niece Maddie! The eyes are all but identical.

My Maddie has fewer whiskers, though.

- jezebel

Anonymous said...

No! No! Plum Pudding, Ma'am.

Stop agreeing with my brother. Baby Ripley was the sweetest, bestest kitteh ever, just as she is the sweetest an bestest Sweetfoots now!

Silkey, faithful lover

Anonymous said...

I'm melting from cute overload!!!!

Don't you wish you could spray 'em with spray starch or something so they stay babies forever?

Anonymous said...

Ah. It's nice to revisit those two back when they were real heartbreakers. Even more than they are now, I mean.

Mrs. P and I are already signed up for NN '09, in my hometown. Thanks for the pics of NN '08!

Plum Pudding said...

Silkey, hold your horses! Maybe i say that tyiny Maddie was the best but teenage Ripley is the most!

Anonymous said...

Plum Pudding, Ma'am, U are the bestest of ur species.
Thank U for the kind words abt my Beloved Ripley.

Silver an Me both noticed how lovely ur Henriette is. Were our hearts not already dedicated to Maddie and Ripley, we would be planning a wormhole trip to Canada.

Silver, already spoken for fan

Anonymous said...

Hurricane kitteh cuties!

Anonymous said...

And they KNOW they're cute so they ramp up the cuteness until it is visible from outer space!

Anonymous said...


U should put a couple of their baby pitchers in the header of the site, with teh Plush Life logo.

We could all vote on which ones!

flory (troublemaker)

Anonymous said...


Plum Pudding said...

new Henriette pictures here:

Anonymous said...

Our Precioussssssesssssesssss! Yesh!

Thanks for the flashbacks of the Byooutiful Gurlz, 4LG. We hope y'all are resting together and having the occasional brushes and snacks. We loves ya and look forward to more updates when life calms down a bit!

and HarryCat

Anonymous said...


Iz u still der?

Or did u aksidently get causght in teh test fire of teh rocket?

I iz getting concerned....


four legs good said...

flory, been moving.

no time for new kitteh pics or blogging. sorreeee!!

will be back shortly.

Anonymous said...

Ripley looks like such a badass in that fourth pic. Like "Don't eff with me." Adorable!

Good luck with the move, 4-legs... pretty exciting news. Hope there's a deck for the kittenz.


Anonymous said...

You moved?

We demands pics of kitters playing in empty, and half empty, boxes.

Anonymous said...

Oh! I forgot about teh move.

U takez ur time.

Doan lose teh kittenz.....


Anonymous said...

Our deepest sympathies for your having to move--it is such a pain in the tail! How do centaurs pack boxes with their hooves???

Here's hoping the Plushettes get even better birdie-and people-watching windows and more sunny spots for napping--and centaur gets a day off to sleep.