Thursday, July 31, 2008

We iz back

Moving program related activities have ceased. Sadly, unpacking related program activities are now commencing.

So no new kitteh pictures today. But soon!

Luckily 4 U, teh old ones are pretty cute.


Anonymous said...

Adorable Ripley, perfection of my heart! I am so happy to see U again. I felt cut off from all that is beautiful and sweet in the universe when I couldn't see fresh pix of U!

Did the Centaur pack ur particle accelerator carefully? And all ur mousies and feather monsters? Do U need fresh mousies for ur new home?

Have fun exploring all the new smells in ur new home. U can help ur Centaur unpack by jumping in and out of half-empty boxes.

Silver, waiting faithfully

Anonymous said...

Welcome to your new home. I hope the ladies are adapting to new digs.


Anonymous said...

Hope you and the kittehs gots lots and lots of windows in the new place!

zoe said...

awwwww....housewarming prezzies for the girls??????

Anonymous said...

I moved from a tiny crappy apartment to a much bigger and nicer apartment. I had a new cat and usually from experience noticed that cats don't like moving and have a hard time adjusting. I carried her into the new place in her carrier during a tremendous thunderstorm and let her out and she immediately went into hiding. One hour later, she ran up to me and licked her lips which is her sign that she really likes something. She was totally happy, exploring, running up and down the stairs, and had no trouble at all adjusting. She knew a good thing when she saw it.

Anonymous said...

Happy New House!
Will patiently await new pics.

Anonymous said...

I iz sorry for u.

On the other hand......pitchers of teh gurlzz playing in teh boxxes?


Anonymous said...

Ooooo, new windows to sit in and look at birdies!

New floors to run on!

New baftub to cool off in!

Can't wait to see new pictures. Glad the move is over. Good luck with that unpacking thing.

Anonymous said...

New digs are gud! One of my kittehs moved 7 times wif me (she lived to be 19) and every time, as soon as she saw her stuff (my bed), she knew she was home.

Jackson, Gordo, and Woody Quimby wish you and teh gurlz much happiness in your new digs.

Caminante said...

oh sorry i didn'† know you were moving but hope it went ok. love the ripley in the bathtub with the catnip toy. good luck settling in.

one handed typing b/e of hand surgery yesterday

Anonymous said...

Oy ... epidemic, this moving. You are still in Austin?

The Other Sarah

Anonymous said...

Yow! Sorry for the disturbance to the girlz' routine. And I hope it's more to their and your liking as well.

As a moving present, and since it's a new moon, I present you with this pic.

If you were in Siberia, China, or the Arctic, you'd have seen a solar eclipse today.

four legs good said...

For those of you wondering, google's robot spam blockers have erroneously blocked a number of blogs in the past 24 hours, Plush Life among them.

So there will be no new posts until blogger corrects the problem.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful opportunity for the Plusheh Gurlz and their Centaur to take a break and lie down in the cool amidst all the unpacking and inspecting and sniffing and rushing about at high speed with Tails o' Doom, and snuggle! We hope you take many such breaks in completing The Great Move and settling in.

We send you all our fondest wishes for many years of health and happiness in the new Plusheh Planet HQ!

grandefille and HarryCat

Anonymous said...

I believe! I have faith that I can reach the glamorous Mlle. Madeleine, tho her star glitters in a new firmament.

Those packing boxes are meant for you Ladies' gym workout. Leap atop them, fly from one to another, burrow into the open box.
Take advantage of this opportunity every chance you get … the Centaur will be much entertained!

Silver, yearning to see Mlle.

Anonymous said...

It's somewhat acceptable for HarryCat to send the Centaur and OUR Plushy Gurlz his fondest wishes … somewhat.

As long as HarryCat knows his place. Which is at the end of the line of the Ladies' many fans.

Those of us who loved em first are first in their hearts!

Silver and Silkey, firstest with the mostest!

[Spellcheck has no sense of humor.]