Friday, December 29, 2006

9:45 am Still Missing

The apartment people are putting up flyers and several people have their eye out for him. I'm starting to think something awful happened to him.


KidRanger said...


Anonymous said...

i'm devastated, but i can only imagine what you are going through Fourlegs. My thoughts are with you and for the return of Maxx

Plum P

Anonymous said...

keep hang'n in there.

not really anything else to say.

but i'm hoping for you. come home Maxx.

watertiger said...

what kid ranger said.


jenny from the blog said...

Checking in. Tossed and turned all night thinking about you and Maxx. HUGS.

jenny from the blog said...

And what watertiger said. There's no way you can blame yourself for this. You gave him a little joy, to feel the air outside, like you've done a million times before. You are not at fault.

You did the loving thing, fourlegs.

ThePoliticalCat said...

4LG, hasn't he done this before? Stayed out all night?

Because mine sometimes do.