Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Maxx is eating!!

Small victories.

Himself is snarfing down a nice dinner of Iams Turkey feast, washed down with some cold half and half. I bought him some chicken livers as well.

Update (2:30 am): Had himself a little snacky-snack of beef. I'm really glad he gained that 11 ounces, he can afford a day or two of not eating well.


Unknown said...

carpe altilis! (I hope!)

Go, Maxx!

Anonymous said...

We like it when you spoil Maxx, plushynurse.

Plum P

Sandy-LA 90034 said...

I'm cheering you on, Lion Kitty Maxx!!

Do what your centaur requests, little love, so you can get better.

We love you, sweetie!

jenny from the blog said...


flory said...


Pate all round!!

And an extra serving of milk!

Anonymous said...

yea Maxxy
HEAVY CREAM 4 leggers!!!

ThePoliticalCat said...

Maxx, you sure know how to get your loyal fan club all worked up. When I read you weren't eating yesterday, I got so upset I refused to touch my computer all evening!!

4LG, all cats occasionally skip a meal, or even a day's worth of meals. In their wild state, they fast fairly regularly (not every hunt is successful) and they can handle it. Of course, we at TehPlushFanClub want Maxxie eating and 'nipping every minute, so we're being unrealistic. But I'm happy he gained the extra weight and happy he's stuffing his sweet little furface. Have his prezzies arrived yet?